Fasciolopsis buski

Fasciolopsis buski is a Trematode that causes the disease fasciolopsiasis.

Disease / Pathology

Fasciolopsis buski

Location in the Host

Fasciolopsis buski is located on the wall of the small intestine

Geographic Distribution

Fasciolopsis buski is found in Thailand, India, China and Taiwan, Indonesia and Asia.

Life Cycle

Fasciolopsis buski reservoir are swine. Places where swine farming occur will have higher incidences of Fasciolopsis buski infections.

Morphology & Diagnosis

Fasciolopsis buski eggs are very similar to the eggs of Fasciola hepatica and are indistinguishable. They are large eggs having a length of 130-150u and width of 63-90u. The operculum is small and indistinct and can be made to “pop” open by gently tapping on a Lugol’s iodine prep containing the eggs.


Comparison of F. hepatica and F. buski eggs illustrating how similar they are in appearance