Heterophyes heterophyes

Heterophyes heterophyes is an intestinal Trematode

Disease / Pathology

Heterophyes heterophyes infections are acquired by the ingestion of pickled or uncooked fish. After the ingestion of the fish containing the infective stage metacercariae there is a prepatent period of about 9 days.

The adult worms are located in the small intestine and produce minimal damage but can induce a mild inflammatory reaction leading to discomfort. With heavy infections the symptoms are more pronounced and include abdominal pain, ulceration of the intestinal wall, diarrhea containing mucous.

Complications can occur where the eggs, because of their small size, can enter the general circulation and be deposited in other parts of the body resulting in pathologic lesions. These lesions can be especially problematic if located in cardiac or brain tissue and can lead to the death of the host.

Location in the Host

Heterophyes heterophyes are found in the small intestine.

Geographic Distribution

Heterophyes heterophyes are found throughout the Far East and Middle East

Life Cycle

Heterophyes heterophyes

Morphology & Diagnosis

Heterophyes heterophyes