plasmodium vivax

Plasmodium vivax

Disease / Pathogenesis

Plasmodium vivax

Location in the Host

The parasite is located

Geographic Distribution

Plasmodium vivax is found in temperate regions as well as tropical and subtropical areas. Because of its wide distribution, Plasmodium vivax is the most commonly acquired Plasmodium.

Life Cycle

Plasmodium vivax

Morphology & Diagnosis

Plasmodium vivax infect young red blood cells . Because red blood cells infected are young they can be slightly enlarged (up to 1 1/2x to 2x) in size or normal in size. The infected red blood cells, much like those of Plasmodium ovale, can have Schuffner’s dots visible in them when stained with Giemsa stain.

Trophozoites and ring forms in the red blood cells tend to be described as amoeboid. The ring cytoplasm is delicate with a well discernible chromatin dot.

Schizonts will have between 12-24 merozoites present whereas Plasmodium ovale will have between 6-14 merozoites.


Photos by W. Vientos
Photo by W. Vientos